Hi, I’m Sue Liang. Before I was behind the camera, I was the main subject of my mother’s photos. She’s always had an eye for aesthetics and the creativity to create something beautiful. It’s all about perspective. This influenced me to pickup a camera at a young age and start snapping. I haven’t stopped since! 

I’m an east coast transplant currently based in Omaha, NE where I live with my husband Paul. When I’m not taking photos, I help bring ideas to life as a marketer. You can also find me cooking and putting hot sauce on almost everything I eat.

I love to find ways to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary, a moment in time that will never look the same again. I focus on using natural light in my event, portraiture, and food photography.

I’m available for 15 minute mini sessions, full day shoots, and global booking. Pricing and payment info can be found on the Pricing + Payment page.

For specials, follow the Sue Bird Photography‘s FaceBook page and Instagram @suebirdphotography for exclusive rates and promotions.

For bookings, please say hello. I can’t wait to work with you!